Wishes – Chapter 13 Commentary

The following is a commentary post about my young-adult fantasy novel, Wishes. It may contain spoilers and I don’t want to ruin the book for you if you haven’t had a chance to read it. Please visit this page to go to the beginning and read all about Wishes.

Foreverland Apples

Foreverland Apples came about as part of my world creation. As I’ve mentioned before, I did a lot of research before writing Wishes. To make sure I got everything right I ended up reading a lot of original fairy tales. As I read and imagined my new world and new magic system I kept a list of ideas. One of those ideas was Foreverland Apples.

I thought it would be neat to have one apple a day really keep the doctor away. In Foreverland, apples can do that. They’re crunchy and fresh no matter when you eat them, they provide enormous amounts of energy, and they can cure disease and sickness. A person can survive on just one Foreverland apple a day. Apples are the only way that it’s feasible for Jack and Jill to travel to Avelin.

Apples have a long and respected history in fairy tales and, consequently, in Foreverland. While I can’t spill the beans on the role Foreverland Apples play in in later books, we do get a little more perspective on how important the apples are to Foreverland in later chapters.

Jill’s First Wish

In the last paragraph of chapter 13 we see the results of Jill’s first Wish with magical results. Here she “wishes” there’s something she could do about the dying forest. Without noticing, her magic fulfills the Wish and starts the beginning of her saving Foreverland.

I thought it would be neat for Foreverland to have this basic magical reaction to having a Fairy Godmother back in the world. As a result, the earth itself responds in unexpected ways to Jill’s presence. In future chapters we’ll see the continuance of Jill’s first wish because a trail of live plants follows her wherever she goes. In some ways, having a Fairy Godmother is essential to life for Foreverland. Both Jill and the new apple trees are symbolic of hope and change for this fairy tale world.

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