I still remember the comments I got on my first college english paper.

“Remarkable writing. I enjoyed it thoroughly. A pleasure to read. C– Too creative.”

Writing–creative writing–has always been my hobby. I first wanted to write a book when I was 8. Of course, I was never mature enough to pull off writing an entire book, but I have draft after draft after draft of my first attempts. A lot of them are in a binder at my sister’s house in Tucson. Others are saved on random floppy disks, but most I’ve moved over to CD or have them saved on my hard drive.

Between turning 8 years old and deciding to write a book–till now when I’ve actually written a few books–I’ve been busy with life. I lived two years in Argentina as a missionary where I learned a little bit of Spanish and a lot about life. I graduated from BYU with a degree in music and I played trombone with the Orchestra at Temple Square in Salt Lake City before heading to lawschool. I married the woman of my dreams in December of 2008, and I don’t think I would have finished any book without her support.

I hope you enjoy the stories on this site.

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Authors I’ve Read Lately

Reading can be just as important as writing. Here is a list of authors I’ve read lately.

  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Jim Butcher
  • Terry Brooks
  • Brandon Mull
  • Shannon Hale
  • Charlotte Brontë
  • Rick Riordan
  • Dan Wells
  • Louis Sachar
  • Robin McKinley
  • Eva Ibbotson
  • Matthew Reilly
  • John Grisham
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Victor Hugo
  • Paulo Coelho
  • C. S. Lewis
  • L. M. Montgomery
  • Norton Juster
  • Roald Dahl
  • Lois Lowry
  • Jerry Spinelli
  • Scott Turow
  • Vince Flynn
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