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Mythstones is about a group of gifted students who go on a field trip to a theme park filled with magical creatures. During the field trip, a group of evil magicians sabotages the parks security letting loose countless legendary creatures. The gifted students have to learn to work together so they can survive. I really enjoyed writing this young adult fiction thriller. The sample chapters listed on the left should give you a taste for the characters. Mythstones is also available as a PDF download using the link below.

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“Gifted” is just code for nerd. That’s why middle-school star athlete Nick Jones isn’t happy about being placed with this year’s gifted class. But compared to dying at the hands of a minotaur every night in his dreams and trying to make sense out of the messages his rock collection has started to send him, Nick’s nerd status at school is the least of his worries.

It’s only after the gifted class is invited on a field trip to a camp full of deadly mythological creatures that Nick realizes he’s not losing his mind. But when the camp is sabotaged by the Magi, all the camp’s havoc wreaking creatures are released. Fighting to survive, Nick learns that the magic in his rock collection is limited by his own lack of knowledge. In the end, Nick must learn from his fellow gifted students so he can unlock the power of his magical rock collection and lock the mythological creatures back where they belong…before it’s too late.

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