Teen Exorcist

Sample Chapters


No one expected seventeen-year-old Brandon Gray to go into the exorcism business with his late brother's ghost. Scott Gray “haunts,” while Brandon “exorcises.” Turns out "exorcism" pays well, until all of Brandon's former clients start to turn up dead. Now that they've stirred up the supernatural in the backwoods town of Barnesville, GA, Brandon and his late brother decide it's their job to hunt down the serial killing ghosts.

Only problem is, Brandon has no idea how to actually get rid of a ghost.

Things take a turn south when they discover that one of the ghosts they're hunting was a soldier in General Sherman's army that famously burned a path from Atlanta to Savannah during the Civil War. The undead Captain Levy Elihu Campbell doesn’t realize the war is over, and he has decided to finish what General Sherman started.

It would be easier for Brandon to do his job if the recent inflow of ghost hunters found more than just his brother's trail. Oh, and there's that tiny little thing about being the prime suspect for all the murders too. Racing against time, ghost hunters, and the FBI, Brandon and his brother's ghost must stop the second burning of the south, starting at the world's busiest airport in Atlanta.

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