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This terms page exists for me, “Jacob Dunn”/”www.jacobdunn.com”/”me”/”I”, to point out my copyright. Everything stated below is still current from when I launched the website a couple of years ago, but since I added an online store I’ve added a few more details at the end that you, “site visitor”/”you”, might want to check out.

Terms of Use Agreement

I own this website. By accessing or using this site, you agree to the terms on this page in this Terms of Use agreement. I can change the terms at any time, without warning, and you would be bound by the new terms as well.


I maintain copyright over all of my work that I post here on my website or anywhere else. That means that unless I state otherwise–for example, with some kind of license like my free downloads–you can’t copy, reproduce, upload, post, distribute, republish, retransmit, or modify any of the material on this site.

At the same time, I encourage you to link to my website and have people download or buy things from www.jacobdunn.com or another authorized source.

Additionally, if you write something that is related to my work in any way (write about my characters or the fiction worlds I’ve created etc.), you waive all rights to that work.

License to me

By commenting on blog posts, sending me e-mails, answering questions, providing feedback, comments, suggestions, improvements or otherwise communicating with me through my web site, you are granting me a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, unrestricted license to use, display, sublicense, adapt, transmit and copy such communication. Basically, if you leave a comment or give me a suggestion and I use it, you can’t sue me for using it.

Exclusion of Liability and indemnity

I’m not responsible if some freak of nature accident causes my website to harm you in any way. I’m also not responsible if somehow my website causes harm to you through normal use.

Links to Other Web Sites

I may link to other web sites I don’t own. I’m not responsible if you go there and don’t like what you see.


I can terminate this agreement and block you from my website if I need to for any reason.

Forum Selection

In the unlikely event that any litigation comes out of your visit to my site, this agreement will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and venue will be in the state or federal courts located in Henrico, VA. If any provision of this agreement is deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable, then that provision will be taken from the agreement and the rest of the agreement will remain in effect.

Buying Stuff

I provide ebooks (and I may include other products) for sale through my online website. This means that I collect some information about you which I will keep private. I’ll share enough of that information with third parties as I need to make your transaction happen. For example, when you buy a book on my website, I’ll have to share some of your information to Paypal or Stripe to bill your credit card and get you your book. Outside of that, I won’t share your information with anyone.

Additionally, I might link to products that are sold on third party websites. I’m not responsible for what happens on other sites, or your interactions or transactions with other sites.

Email Lists

I maintain a couple of email lists. By signing up or subscribing to my email lists, it means that you agree to receive regular emails from me. What does “regular” mean? Most months it means no more than one email a month, but if something insanely cool happens, or if several insanely cool things happen in rapid succession, I’ll email you more often, but no more than 4 times a month.

Buying stuff (which includes ebooks, subscriptions, and even free downloads on sale for $0.00 available in my online store) means that you also consent to be added to my email list.


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