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I recently decided to post Wishes in its entirety here on my website. You can click on chapter links in the table of contents to the left to read the story online. Wishes is also available for download as a PDF.

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For those interested in my writing process and looking for behind-the-scenes info, I’ll be posting commentary for each chapter and listing it beside the table of contents.

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Jill doesn’t know that she’s the last fairy godmother and Foreverland’s only hope against the evil witch who killed her mother. After the witch hunts Jill down at her grandmother’s house on earth, Jill is whisked away to Foreverland with her neighbor, Jack. Instead of finding a green and lush fairy tale world, Jack and Jill discover a dying land plagued by the Blackness—the terrible effect of the witch’s use of magic.

Jill desperately wants to rid the land of the Blackness, but she has no idea how to use her magic or make wishes come true. Her only hope in holding the witch’s power at bay is to retrieve the fairy godmother wings hidden in her mother’s grave. In her race across Foreverland to beat the witch to the wings, Jill comes to terms with her true past and learns the power of wishing while Jack has the time of his life sword-fighting and saving his damsel in distress.


I have a brother who worked up a cover for Wishes for me. I wanted the cover to kind of show all the big action points as we get to the end of the book. Because it’s a fairy tale retelling, Jill does end up battling the witch and Jack does end up fighting off the wolf. There’s also a beanstalk and a castle, though not necessarily the way you remember everything working out. If your curious now, maybe you should just read the book 😉

Click on the image to see a gallery of Wishes art.

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